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On Sunday (5/7/17), Travis and I attended the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition. The Detroit-famous shopping extravaganza was held at Eastern Market. It was our second time attending an All Things Detroit event, the first being in March. I was excited to attend this event because I was looking forward to trying some more yummy food (pregnancy cravings, ya know) and viewing the local small business owners’ unique products.


All Things Detroit is a Detroit-based trade show which features hundreds of local small businesses and a large variety of food trucks for patrons to enjoy. In March, All Things Detroit “drew more than 10,000 visitors – from nearby and as far as Traverse City, Mich. and Chicago.” The Pre-Mother’s Day Edition was created for visitors to find special gifts for their loved ones. The next All Things Detroit event will be held in November 2017 as part of a holiday shopping experience.


  • The Pre-Mother’s Day event featured more than 230 businesses. The plethora of businesses featured at All Things Detroit gave us many options to choose from for our shopping experience. Business owners were on hand for demonstrations of their products and provided personal service to customers. It was an enriching, one-on-one shopping experience which is hard to find at a major retailer.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
More than 230 businesses were scheduled to attend for the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition held on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
The Pasta Shop

All Things Detroit is a trade show which features hundreds of small businesses! Read more… CLICK TO TWEET

  • I also have this thing with food trucks. There were 20 food trucks at All Things Detroit on Sunday. Food heaven! My husband doesn’t get my obsession love for food trucks. He thinks it’s comical that I get excited whenever I see a food truck. But I can’t help it. Who doesn’t love food trucks?! Food trucks feature some of the best food you cannot find at a chain restaurant. The prices are generally reasonable and the food is freshly made to order. And let’s not forget food trucks make very delicious food!
Hero vs Villain Detroit
Hero vs Villain served amazing artisan sandwiches at All Things Detroit!
All Things Detroit
How cute is the Drifter Coffee trailer?


  • Travis loved the concept of housing hundreds of Michigan-based small businesses in one location. He said it reminded him of a bazaar. He loves walking around and viewing the different products small businesses are selling. He also enjoys chatting with the business owners. (He’s such a talker, that one.)
  • We both really love shopping local! We feel you can find better quality products and unique finds that you won’t be able to find in a major retail store.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
Shoppers had the chance to visit 230 small business all in one place at the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
Ink Detroit
Ink Detroit featured Detroit-themed clothing at the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
Baby moccasins from Little High Flyer.


  • All of the All Things Detroit events are very family-friendly! This is a BIG plus for us because we have four children and we like to bring our children along with us when we attend city events. It is stroller-friendly, as well. Other good traits which make All Things Detroit a family-friendly event are bathrooms conveniently located throughout Eastern Market, kid-friendly vendors such as a face painter (my daughter loved this), delicious sweet treats (cotton candy, ice cream, Italian ice, etc.), and a safe environment for children to walk with their parents. Oh, and parking is FREE at Eastern Market and easy to find! 
Good Life Detroit
All Things Detroit

All Things Detroit connects Detroit-based small businesses w/customers. CLICK TO TWEET

  • The overall atmosphere at All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition was very welcoming. As we passed each table, business owners smiled brightly at us and other customers. When I asked an owner questions about his/her product(s), they were very eager to talk to me and share information about the merchandise.
Jen's Gourmet Salad Dressings
Jen, founder of Jen’s Gourmet Salad Dressings featured her delicious salad dressings at the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
Jen’s Gourmet Salad Dressings

All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition…GREAT event! #Detroit CLICK TO TWEET


I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jennyfer Crawford, the founder of All Things Detroit. Jennyfer is a business consultant and owner of Ask Jennyfer. She created All Things Detroit in 2012  “to give small businesses a platform to build brand awareness and sell their products.” Jennyfer believes All Things Detroit benefits the community because patrons are shopping locally. “A lot of the businesses are right here in the community,” Jennyfer told me. “I think it’s important that we’re bringing all of [the] customers and people to the city of Detroit.”

GLD: What is your favorite part about All Things Detroit?

Jennyfer: “All of the positivity and all the vendors coming together…the atmosphere…I love it! I love being able to work with a wide range of different people, different backgrounds– everything!”

Jennyfer went on to say she loves how the businesses come together and work together. “There’s a lot of networking and that’s what I love about it.” She said All Things Detroit has a “friendly environment” and the “customers are eager to come and shop with the businesses.”

All Things Detroit
Jennyfer Crawford, Founder of All Things Detroit


I asked Jennyfer if she feels Detroit is experiencing a rebirth and how is All Things Detroit contributing to Detroit’s rebirth. Jennyfer agrees Detroit is experiencing a rebirth. “People are looking at Detroit in a different way. A lot of different people are moving here that we didn’t see before and I think that it’s really good.”

And Travis and I are part of the rebirth movement of Detroit. We moved to the greater Detroit area in April 2015 and since moving here, we have come to fall in love with Detroit. Attending an event like All Things Detroit gives us the opportunity to meet local businesses and learn more about the city’s culture.

“When you call something (an event) “All Things Detroit”, people are like, ‘ooh! I really want to check it out and see what’s so different and what’s the change,” Jennyfer told me.

I definitely agree with Jennyfer. When I first heard about All Things Detroit, the name alone caught my attention. My immediate reaction was, “What is All Things Detroit?!” I visualized an event which captured the essence of the city of Detroit. All Things Detroit did just that. Still being fairly new to Detroit and Michigan, attending All Things Detroit introduced us to Detroit- and Michigan-based businesses we didn’t know about. We also learned a little bit more about Detroit culture.

Jennyfer Crawford successfully accomplished creating an event which brings the community together and gives small business owners the opportunity to share their business with visitors. We will definitely attend the next All Things Detroit Event (November 2017)!


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