Tea Season Has Arrived

Who doesn’t love a great cuppa during the Fall season. Let’s walk through some tea ingredients that would be awesome for sipping while reaping some amazing benefits! Here are some of my favorites!
Matcha has great health benefits that many are unaware of. Matcha aids in maintaining a healthy heart, protects the body against disorders of stress. When you feel like you could possibly be going under the weather, grabbing a cup of matcha could help simply because is boots immune system. Matcha also boost energy and improves mental alertness. Instead of coffee the next time you need a pick me up, try matcha!
Green tea is honestly one of my favorite tea types simply because there are so many benefits. Some of the health benefits include promoting a healthy digestive system, bloating. I personally appreciate that green tea reduces anxiety and stress level, and as a result helps with focus. Green tea is my first choice when it comes to tea types and is my all time personal favorite.
Chamomile tea is my favorite herbal tea as it is a natural sleep aid for those who suffer from cases of insomnia or those who need to get some rest and are having a hard time relaxing. Chamomile also promotes a a healthy digestive system by helping stop inflammation, prevents gas and stomach cramps.
For those who are making a transition into tea, from caffeine, most times I recommend starting with black tea. Less caffeine than coffee, but more than any other tea type. Black tea is a great remedy for a breath freshener, but also supports reducing risk of stroke. Black tea has the natural capability to expand airways, making it easier for asthmatics to breath.

If you’re new to tea, I suggest you check it out! Tea is great to offer guests when you welcome them into your home, or just to have when you’re relaxing alone. Adding tea to your daily regimen as you see has so many benefits, and an added bonus is that it is yummy! Be sure to check out www.tealingco.com for some our tea blends or visit us at All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally  Sunday, November 4th at Eastern Market.


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