All Things Detroit is a different kind of event. ?It brings small businesses together and provide a great environment to build their brand. But where it really shines is its format, because it does all this in a fun, profitable and exciting way with happy patrons.

Our Next Event

All Things Detroit is the showcase for small business.

Join us for a smashing 2020 with with a slate of events on the following dates:

  • National All Things Detroit Day               April 5, 2020 [Tickets]
  • All Things Detroit Holiday Shopping Edition November 1, 2020 [Tickets go on sale June 1st)
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Great Times, Great Event, Even Better People

What started as a showcase for a handful of Michigan's products has now become a regular, breakaway event happening multiple times a year that continues to grow. With more than 200 vendors participating today, the list continues to grow, along with the growing number of patrons who now have even more selections to choose from and discoveries to be made.

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Partake in the exciting moments throughout the day and join patrons along with hundreds of vendors made up of local businesses, creatives, artists, crafters, artisans, food and beverage vendors, food trucks and many others, all dedicated to provide you a memorable day of shopping, entertainment and fun for the entire family.

All Things Detroit - Event - Outside

Don't miss out! Join us, and join early while tickets last. It's a unique theme that brings businessses and patrons together, and the only place where you can find Michigan's best-kept secrets.

Join Us and Experience the True Spirit of Detroit

Enjoy unique fashionable apparel and accessories.

Fulfill your gastronomic desires with street food and ex?quisite cuisine.

Purchase unique items from hard-to-find treasures to handcrafted masterpieces from master artisans.

Enjoy unique souvenirs made in Detroit, and have fun with local entertainers.

Or meet a homegrown author whose novels are based on characters around town and get a clear cross-section of Detroit life.

All Things Detroit Day

All these and more. From past events that keep growing and becoming more exciting, and the ones you'll love even more that are yet to come.

So mark your calendars. Let's have a grand time together. We'll see you there.

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