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All Things Detroit Beat the Crowd Giveaway


Would you like to go to the next All Things Detroit with 3 of your closet friends or family?

Enter our Beat the Crowd giveaway(Value $250) which includes:
4 Beat the Crowd tickets (2 hours of shopping before open to the public, ATD Tote bag, food truck , beverage, dessert and discount ticket for drinks at Detroit City Distillery)
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$100 ATD Cash

Here’s how to enter:
1. Follow Ask Jennyfer & All Things Detroit
2. Create a video of yourself or friends singing the new All Things Detroit theme song telling your friends and followers to meet you at ATD Sunday March 31ST at Eastern Market.
3. Post your video and tag All Things Detroit

The video with the most shares win and winners will be announced on March 27th.

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Eat, Drink, & Be Comfy for the holidays with fashions from Avabelle Boutique

Eat, Drink, & Be Comfy

Randee Garrett

Owner/Buyer: Avabelle Boutique

The Holidays are already stressful with family, and food, and what to bring, and gifts, and, and, and, the list goes on.  Your outfit shouldn’t be part of the stress.  We all just want to look and feel cute, while still being able to eat all the things, right?  Here are six outfit recipes that will keep you looking classic, timeless, and chic for all your holiday gatherings whether they are totally casual or on the dressier side.

First I want to start by listing a few overall trends of the season –

  • Oversized– all the jackets and cardigans this fall/winter and holiday season are meant to be oversized. When in doubt, slouch it back a little and make it look like it’s falling off your shoulder on purpose because duh, fashion.
  • Pretty little tanks(and bralettes) – underneath everything. A HUGE trend this season is tucking in your layering piece and letting that oversized cardi/jacket fall right into place over top. It won’t matter if it’s oversized and falling off of you because everything underneath is oh so pretty.  This also means that when your bra strap shows (as long as it’s a pretty bralette) it’s ok!  It’s actually on trend to let your bralette peak out underneath all those chunky sweaters we’ll be wearing for the next 5 months.
  • All the textures– meaning the fluffier/furrier the better. Faux fur is everywhere, so is anything and everything soft and fluffy and cozy.  If it speaks to you, go for it! I promise you’ll be so happy and so comfy.

Below are the best holiday recipes in our collection! I’m even adding in my tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday outfits.  And trust me, these are all outfits you can wear year after year because they’re timeless, classic, feminine, and chic – and those things never go out of style <3

  1. Color Block Shawl Cardi –

This piece will literally do the work for you.  Throw it on over a cami or turtleneck with a pair of skinnies and an easy slide on mule or a boot depending on the weather and you’re set!  This piece is so comfy yet looks so expensive.  The best part is, it feels like you’re wearing a blanket, but you’ll look (and feel) like a million bucks!

What you’ll need:


  1. Babo Cardi –

This cardigan is one size, so soft, and matches basically everything.  It’s oversized to perfection and it’s probably the best Thanksgiving outfit on the list.  The mix of colors paired with the wooden buttons are a perfect pair for this fav.

What you’ll need:


  1. Textured Cardi – Blush/Grey Mix –

Whoever said the holidays meant you must wear red?  We’re all about blush instead! This cardigan is incredibly soft and it has perfect pops of grey which help so that it’s not overly feminine/girly.  It feels so cozy but again this one is super rich and timeless. This would be perfect for your “Friendsgiving” party or literally any holiday party that you want to give a little extra to.

What you’ll need:


  1. Mix Color Thread Midi Cardi –

The perfect way to mix up a basic cardigan is with this Mix Color Thread Midi Cardi.  The colors and the mixed thread makes it anything but ordinary, yet it’s also super easy to wear.  Again this is one of those cardigans that goes with everything.  We paired it with a pop of color underneath as an alternative to the likely choice of wearing ivory, black, or grey under it. Although all of those colors work with it too which is why this one has to be on the list of perfect holiday outfit recipes.  It’s comfy & cozy with a little bit of super subtle sparkle mixed in throughout.

What you’ll need:


  1. Maeven Turtleneck Pullover –

I will personally party in this turtleneck all day long.  Have you ever seen a more perfect holiday sweater??  It’s pure perfection.  It’s cozy, mixed with sparkly, mixed with furry & fuzzy.  This one hardly needs an explanation. Give the front a little tuck or leave it out, whichever you prefer and feel the most comfortable with.

What you’ll need:


  1. Faux Fur Sleeve Sweater –

This sweater is everything! It flatters the figure and the faux fur sleeves will have you walking into every room like you own the place. The color is a beautiful light mauve that doesn’t wash you out, it’s the perfect alternative to the blacks/greys/taupes/etc that so many of us gravitate toward during the colder months.  The sleeves have a subtle animal print layered in with the faux fur.  It’s simply gorgeous!

What you’ll need:

All items can be found on the website at, as well as our booth at All Things Detroit on Sunday, November 4.  Can’t wait to meet you and personally style you for all your upcoming holiday gatherings.




Win Beat the Crowd Tickets to All Things Detroit

We are hosting a HUGE contest for our upcoming event All Things Detroit. We are giving away a pair of Beat the Crowd tickets to 20 followers and what we need you to do is post a video and tag Ask Jennyfer and All Things Detroit telling your friends and followers to meet you at All Things Detroit Sunday, November 4th at Eastern Market.

We are looking for videos with the most creativity and most likes. Winners will be announced on October 26th so start posting those videos.



All Things Detroit Holiday Shopping Experience & Food Truck Rally

All Things Detroit has earned it’s place as one of the city’s most exciting events for small businesses to increase brand awareness. What makes All Things Detroit different from your typical trade show is that we showcase small businesses in a way that’s fun and exciting exposing Michigan’s best kept secrets.





General Admission $5 (Doors open at 11:00AM)

Children Ages 6 and under are free

Beat the Crowd Package $15 includes: Doors open at 9:30AM

• Full hour of shopping before open to the public.

• Complimentary food truck voucher (Food Trucks will be announced)

• Complimentary beverage voucher

• All Things Detroit tote bag

For more information download the All Things Detroit App available at Apple Store & Google Play.

Click here to purchase tickets

Tea Season Has Arrived

Who doesn’t love a great cuppa during the Fall season. Let’s walk through some tea ingredients that would be awesome for sipping while reaping some amazing benefits! Here are some of my favorites!
Matcha has great health benefits that many are unaware of. Matcha aids in maintaining a healthy heart, protects the body against disorders of stress. When you feel like you could possibly be going under the weather, grabbing a cup of matcha could help simply because is boots immune system. Matcha also boost energy and improves mental alertness. Instead of coffee the next time you need a pick me up, try matcha!
Green tea is honestly one of my favorite tea types simply because there are so many benefits. Some of the health benefits include promoting a healthy digestive system, bloating. I personally appreciate that green tea reduces anxiety and stress level, and as a result helps with focus. Green tea is my first choice when it comes to tea types and is my all time personal favorite.
Chamomile tea is my favorite herbal tea as it is a natural sleep aid for those who suffer from cases of insomnia or those who need to get some rest and are having a hard time relaxing. Chamomile also promotes a a healthy digestive system by helping stop inflammation, prevents gas and stomach cramps.
For those who are making a transition into tea, from caffeine, most times I recommend starting with black tea. Less caffeine than coffee, but more than any other tea type. Black tea is a great remedy for a breath freshener, but also supports reducing risk of stroke. Black tea has the natural capability to expand airways, making it easier for asthmatics to breath.

If you’re new to tea, I suggest you check it out! Tea is great to offer guests when you welcome them into your home, or just to have when you’re relaxing alone. Adding tea to your daily regimen as you see has so many benefits, and an added bonus is that it is yummy! Be sure to check out for some our tea blends or visit us at All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally  Sunday, November 4th at Eastern Market.


LaVonne Ellis

Tealing & Co.

AllThingsDetroit - Conversations - Logo

Ask Jennyfer spotlights small business stories in All Things Detroit Conversations: Reel Clever Films to develop new video series

Coming soon to an online screen near you, Ask Jennyfer Founder Jennyfer Crawford is ready to shine a spotlight on local small business owners – and their stories. Next month Crawford will launch All Things Detroit Conversations, a video series helmed by Reel Clever Films.

The series is in production and marks a new chapter for Ask Jennyfer’s successful All Things Detroit events by expanding small business owners’ opportunities and increasing awareness for the community she has created.

 All Things Detroit Conversations debuts the week of March 5, 2018. Episodes will be available at  as well as on the Ask Jennyfer YouTube page

All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition 2017 via Good Life Detroit

On Sunday (5/7/17), Travis and I attended the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition. The Detroit-famous shopping extravaganza was held at Eastern Market. It was our second time attending an All Things Detroit event, the first being in March. I was excited to attend this event because I was looking forward to trying some more yummy food (pregnancy cravings, ya know) and viewing the local small business owners’ unique products.


All Things Detroit is a Detroit-based trade show which features hundreds of local small businesses and a large variety of food trucks for patrons to enjoy. In March, All Things Detroit “drew more than 10,000 visitors – from nearby and as far as Traverse City, Mich. and Chicago.” The Pre-Mother’s Day Edition was created for visitors to find special gifts for their loved ones. The next All Things Detroit event will be held in November 2017 as part of a holiday shopping experience.


  • The Pre-Mother’s Day event featured more than 230 businesses. The plethora of businesses featured at All Things Detroit gave us many options to choose from for our shopping experience. Business owners were on hand for demonstrations of their products and provided personal service to customers. It was an enriching, one-on-one shopping experience which is hard to find at a major retailer.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
More than 230 businesses were scheduled to attend for the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition held on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
The Pasta Shop

All Things Detroit is a trade show which features hundreds of small businesses! Read more… CLICK TO TWEET

  • I also have this thing with food trucks. There were 20 food trucks at All Things Detroit on Sunday. Food heaven! My husband doesn’t get my obsession love for food trucks. He thinks it’s comical that I get excited whenever I see a food truck. But I can’t help it. Who doesn’t love food trucks?! Food trucks feature some of the best food you cannot find at a chain restaurant. The prices are generally reasonable and the food is freshly made to order. And let’s not forget food trucks make very delicious food!
Hero vs Villain Detroit
Hero vs Villain served amazing artisan sandwiches at All Things Detroit!
All Things Detroit
How cute is the Drifter Coffee trailer?


  • Travis loved the concept of housing hundreds of Michigan-based small businesses in one location. He said it reminded him of a bazaar. He loves walking around and viewing the different products small businesses are selling. He also enjoys chatting with the business owners. (He’s such a talker, that one.)
  • We both really love shopping local! We feel you can find better quality products and unique finds that you won’t be able to find in a major retail store.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
Shoppers had the chance to visit 230 small business all in one place at the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
Ink Detroit
Ink Detroit featured Detroit-themed clothing at the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
Baby moccasins from Little High Flyer.


  • All of the All Things Detroit events are very family-friendly! This is a BIG plus for us because we have four children and we like to bring our children along with us when we attend city events. It is stroller-friendly, as well. Other good traits which make All Things Detroit a family-friendly event are bathrooms conveniently located throughout Eastern Market, kid-friendly vendors such as a face painter (my daughter loved this), delicious sweet treats (cotton candy, ice cream, Italian ice, etc.), and a safe environment for children to walk with their parents. Oh, and parking is FREE at Eastern Market and easy to find! 
Good Life Detroit
All Things Detroit

All Things Detroit connects Detroit-based small businesses w/customers. CLICK TO TWEET

  • The overall atmosphere at All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition was very welcoming. As we passed each table, business owners smiled brightly at us and other customers. When I asked an owner questions about his/her product(s), they were very eager to talk to me and share information about the merchandise.
Jen's Gourmet Salad Dressings
Jen, founder of Jen’s Gourmet Salad Dressings featured her delicious salad dressings at the All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition.
All Things Detroit Pre-Mother's Day Edition
Jen’s Gourmet Salad Dressings

All Things Detroit Pre-Mother’s Day Edition…GREAT event! #Detroit CLICK TO TWEET


I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jennyfer Crawford, the founder of All Things Detroit. Jennyfer is a business consultant and owner of Ask Jennyfer. She created All Things Detroit in 2012  “to give small businesses a platform to build brand awareness and sell their products.” Jennyfer believes All Things Detroit benefits the community because patrons are shopping locally. “A lot of the businesses are right here in the community,” Jennyfer told me. “I think it’s important that we’re bringing all of [the] customers and people to the city of Detroit.”

GLD: What is your favorite part about All Things Detroit?

Jennyfer: “All of the positivity and all the vendors coming together…the atmosphere…I love it! I love being able to work with a wide range of different people, different backgrounds– everything!”

Jennyfer went on to say she loves how the businesses come together and work together. “There’s a lot of networking and that’s what I love about it.” She said All Things Detroit has a “friendly environment” and the “customers are eager to come and shop with the businesses.”

All Things Detroit
Jennyfer Crawford, Founder of All Things Detroit


I asked Jennyfer if she feels Detroit is experiencing a rebirth and how is All Things Detroit contributing to Detroit’s rebirth. Jennyfer agrees Detroit is experiencing a rebirth. “People are looking at Detroit in a different way. A lot of different people are moving here that we didn’t see before and I think that it’s really good.”

And Travis and I are part of the rebirth movement of Detroit. We moved to the greater Detroit area in April 2015 and since moving here, we have come to fall in love with Detroit. Attending an event like All Things Detroit gives us the opportunity to meet local businesses and learn more about the city’s culture.

“When you call something (an event) “All Things Detroit”, people are like, ‘ooh! I really want to check it out and see what’s so different and what’s the change,” Jennyfer told me.

I definitely agree with Jennyfer. When I first heard about All Things Detroit, the name alone caught my attention. My immediate reaction was, “What is All Things Detroit?!” I visualized an event which captured the essence of the city of Detroit. All Things Detroit did just that. Still being fairly new to Detroit and Michigan, attending All Things Detroit introduced us to Detroit- and Michigan-based businesses we didn’t know about. We also learned a little bit more about Detroit culture.

Jennyfer Crawford successfully accomplished creating an event which brings the community together and gives small business owners the opportunity to share their business with visitors. We will definitely attend the next All Things Detroit Event (November 2017)!


View original post via Good Life Detroit

All Things Detroit held at Eastern Market via WDIV Channel 4

The “All Things Detroit” event was held Sunday afternoon at Eastern Market, featuring products made in Detroit and supporting over 150 local businesses.

Browsing through Detroit apparel, handmade jewelry, artisan food products and custom artwork is just the start.

The real discovery is the people behind the products.

Monica Martin is selling Yumbitz Cookies, bite-size cookies made from all natural ingredients. When her husband lost his job as a branding specialist in Chicago, they fell on tough times.

“I was helping out at a food pantry, locally volunteering,” Martin said. “Instead of being the ones volunteering, we had to be the ones receiving.”

For every pack of cookies purchased, someone who can’t afford a meal is fed.

Francis Davis grew up eating her mothers’ soul food cooking.

“My mother was the first African-American female chef at the St. Regis Hotel back in the early 60s,” Davis said.

After Davis was diagnosed with diabetes, she took her mother’s recipes in a new direction.

“There’s still a lot of ways to cook soul food without all of the high-cholesterol items,” Davis said. “I have actually reversed my diabetes.”

Davis runs Last Minute Gourmet Catering.

“I do a sort of meals on wheels or some of the other home meal plans and bring you dinner,” Davis said.

Tammy Bachrine lost her job at a bakery and she opened her own business, A Serendipity Cakery.

“We specialize in about 60 flavors of cake balls,” Bachrine said. “I have dreams of opening another location and hopefully in the future franchising our business.”

The event was held in Sheds 3 and 5 from noon until 6 p.m.

View original post via WDIV Channel 4

All Things Detroit and Food Truck Rally 3-26-17 Recap

Sunday, March 26th was an amazing day for small businesses. Over 10k customers came out to support over 200 small businesses showcasing products, services and unique cuisine. Customers who purchased our Beat the Crowd option were able to enjoy a full hour of shopping before the mad rush of shoppers formed lines outside as they waited to get in to purchase handmade goods made in Michigan.

On behalf of the Ask Jennyfer team we would like to thank everyone that came out to support this amazing event and we are looking forward to seeing customers near and far at the next All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally Pre-Mother’s Day Edition Sunday, May 7, 2017 at Eastern Market!

All Things Detroit and Food Truck Rally Pre-Mother Edition 5-7-17

Join us Sunday, May 7th at the Eastern market for the Pre-Mother’s Day Edition of the All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally. More details coming soon!  





On Sunday, May 7th attendees will have the opportunity to dine on Detroit delectables and sample savory sweet treats, as well as acquire acclaimed products and services from in and around Detroit. Most importantly, patrons and participants are also supporting small businesses. 

General Admission $5 (Doors open at 11:00AM)

Children 12 and under are free 

Beat the Crowd Package $15 includes: Doors open at 9:30AM

• Full hour of shopping before open to the public.

• Complimentary food truck voucher (Food Trucks will be announced)

• Complimentary beverage voucher (Valid at Faygo booth ONLY)

• All Things Detroit tote bag

For more information go to or download the All Things Detroit App available at Apple Store & Google Play.

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Follow us on IG @allthingsdet or @askjennyfer